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Belle Chic Noire Boutique


Belle Chic Noire Boutique shop offers the following categories:  

Black and White: Classic, Classy  and always on-trend. 

Pinks: Pieces from the entire Pink spectrum.

Denim: Shades of Blue. Denim, Chambray & Navy.

Prints: Floral, Plaid, Stripes and more. 

Glam: Cocktail Dresses, and Party Wear.


We are confident that you will find the perfect boutique fashions to fit your schedule. We hope that you find us to be different than your regular clothing stores.

One Time Only Deals

These deals will feature items that are on trend, forever in style or just plain fun!  The items featured will only be offered for a limited time and for a limited special price.  

Pre-Ordering is highly recommended to secure these deals. 

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